24th February 2018

So excited to design and create a handmade embellishment Corset for the talented and amazing @vixencatvixen come and see her debut the outfit @thedollfacedames Circus Spectacular Show on the 10th March 2018 @magicopolis where Kapriva will also be launching in LA. Free gift and discount vouchers to all those who attend. Outfits also designed for the amazing @thedollfacedames for the show coming up soon. See our Couture page for other pictures.

12th January 2018

Fashion blogger Fantail Flo reviews the Étoile Clutch Bag and Pearl Shimmer Clutch Bag. Click on the link to see the full review of what she says about our Clutch Bags on her blog – http://www.fantailflo.com/2018/01/my-favourite-new-clutches-kapriva.html